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The best drugs to have sex on

The best drugs to have sex on

The best drugs to have sex on

Drugs to improve the sexuality have been used for as long as sex and drugs exist. The most important thing to say first is: if you’re going to use a mind-altering drug while having sex, take your responsibility. Make sure that your partner is aware of this, use it with measure and of course: do it safe. When all of this is clear, we’d like to tell you more about the best drugs to have sex on.


Cannabis is one of the most sex-enhancing drugs. First of all it is a safe drug. Besides that, these are the 3 main reasons why cannabis is a great drug to have sex on:

  • It’s relaxing
  • It releases inhibitions
  • It causes a peaceful high

Many users experienced that their sex improves with this drug, because it gives them a spiritual connection with their partners. Just like with any other drugs, it’s important to be careful. Another reason is that marijuana is a hallucinogenic drug that strengthens your senses, which make you feel and smell the world much better. This already may be a good reason to try a little bit of weed in the bedroom. The stimulated feelings of pleasure are amazing, and the perception of time can also change, making sex seem longer and more intense.

Herbal supplements

In our webshop we offer several aphrodisiacs and herbal supplements that actually work. One of them is BlueXtreme. This is a completely safe food supplement, but it also works as a natural stimulant: the formula is highly concentrated and helps men reach a higher level of sexual pleasure. We recommend to take one capsule 30 minutes before the desired effect. You’ll enjoy these effects up to 24 hours.

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