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How do you take care of the San Pedro cactus?

san pedro cactus

How do you take care of the San Pedro cactus?

The San Pedro cactus is one of the oldest products at our webshop. It was always used for rituals by Native Americans, and it could become very big. Are you curious how to grow and take care of this cactus? Read more in this article!

What do you need for the germination?

You can grow the San Pedro cactus yourself at home. The growing process begins with the germination of the seeds of the cactus. For this you need to the following things:

- San Pedro cactus seeds
- Fine sand (20%)
- Potting soil (50%)
- Pebbles (20%)
- Perlite (10%)
- Plastic bin

Take the plastic bin and poke holes in the bottom. Then take the pebbles and divide them into two equal heaps. Use one of the heaps to cover the bottom of the bin, so you’ll get a layer of pebbles. Mix the potting soil, the sand, perlite and the remaining pebbles. Now the mix could be sterilized by putting the mix in a preheated oven at 80 degrees for about one hour. Add a little bit of water to the mixture so that the light is saturated. If you see that the water is running through it, it is too wet. To solve this problem, you can add some potting soil. One of the final steps is to select the mix over the layer of pebbles in the plastic bin. Now it’s time to sow the cactus seeds!

Then you can proceed to sow the San Pedro cactus seeds. Spread some seeds over the mixed soil, and press them under the surface with a thin pencil. They only need to be pushed in a few millimeters.

san pedro cactus

Three important factors

There are a few environmental factors which could influence the San Pedro seeds:

- Light: first of all the seeds need light. We don’t advise to put them in direct sunlight during this period, it’s better to use artificial light during the early stage for about 18 hours. After two to three months you can put the cacti in indirect sunlight. After a year they may be placed in direct sunlight.
- Temperature: the best temperature for the San Pedro Cactus is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius during the germination. You could place the plastic bin near a heat search to keep it at the right temperature.
- Moisture: during the early stages we advise to have a humid environment. You can use humidifiers or befog the content of the breeding box. Eventually the cactus is able to endure a dry environment. 

In our smartshop you can find all of our mescaline cactus products, so just take a look at our range! Good luck with taking care of your San Pedro seeds!