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How to use LSA seeds?

how to use lsa seeds
LSA seeds are exotic seeds with lysergic acid amide as a working substance. The seeds can be grown like the Morning Glory and the Baby Hawaiian Woodrose. Some of the seeds are suitable for direct consumption. The effects vary according to the situation and the pieces, but most of the seeds have a very relaxing effect. When you want to take a higher dosage, your thoughts will be different and you might get hallucinations. People compare the feeling of the LSA seeds with LSD. This could be right, because LSA is the forerunner of LSD. There chemical structure is comparable.

Using LSA

The best way to take LSA seeds is on a empty stomach. It is recommended to wait 4 till 6 hours after a good meal. When you are a newbie with LSA seeds we recommend to start with a small dosage of 2 or 3 seeds. When you are a more advanced user of LSA seeds, you can take 4 till 8 seeds. By chewing on the seeds an active substance is taken up in the body. That's why it is very important to chew very good on the seeds just as with magic mushrooms.

Making ‘magic tea’

A very common effect of the seeds is nausea. To prevent this from happening you can make a kind of tea out of the seeds. You can do this by grinding the seeds in a coffee grinder or something else. After grinding the seeds you can soak the seeds in distilled water for the next 24 hours. After the 24 hours of soaking, you can filter the seeds with a coffee filter. Now you have your ‘magic tea’ which you can drink very slow, within 20 till 40 minutes. After every sip of tea, you can drink some normal water to avoid the nausea.

Do you want to know more about LSA seeds and how to use them? Contact us for any questions. Have fun during your LSA trip!