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These are the smoking accessories you should have

smoking accessories
These days you find many gadgets and tools to make your smoking sessions easier, more amusing and user-friendly. With the following accessories you can make a good impression on your friend, you can hide your weed and keep it save. Smoking weeds can be a occasional event or a full-fledged hobby. Either way it is fun to know your various types, breeding methods and smoking accessories.

The list of smoking accessories and techniques is endless. You can smoke it with all kinds of water pipes, one hitters and bongs. Plus all the gadgets and tools you can use for your smoking sessions. In this blog we will talk about 5 smoking accessories/tools you must have.


grinder is essential for processing the weed into an usable and rotatable material. When your weed turns into a powder, you know you got yourself a good grinder. Like many other accessories, grinders come in a lot of sizes, shapes and colors. On the market you can get a lot of good grinders that can turn your weed into smaller pieces. You also can find models with a small container for the kief. This is a natural concentrate of cannabinoids that can be used for an extra THC boost.



The Magic-Flight box is perfect to keep all your stuff together for making a joint. With a rolling box you have everything you need within reach and you won’t lose important stuff. The boxes vary in all sizes. If you only need a box for the storage of your weed and rolling paper, you can get yourself a small and flat box. There are also bigger boxes on the market. These boxes are perfect when you want to storage your lighter, grinder, long rolling paper, weed and other stuff.

magic flight

Long rolling paper

In order to make a joint, you’ll need long rolling paper. The final length of your joint determines the type of rolling paper you need. Professionals knows that the kind of rolling paper is important for the construction of the joint, but it can also influence the taste. A lot of long rolling papers taste awful and some even contains chlorine and other chemicals. Fortunately, you can find a lot of types that are made out of hemp. These don’t contain additives, so you can smoke you joint as naturally as possible. You can also buy long rolling paper with a nice flavor. This is a perfect way to smoke your joint if you are a sweet tooth.

long rolling paper


Although it may be obvious, the differences between a bad and a good lighter are huge. The highly class lighters are refillable in general and you can rely on them when there is stormy weather outside. Some smokers even use a hemp wick to light up their joint. They don’t want to risk to inhale harmful chemicals like butane.


Pipe keychain

The pipe keychain is perfect to smoke whenever you want to. The pipe is 6 cm long and is made out of metal. You can use it as a keychain, but you can use it as a smoking equipment as well.

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