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Tips for first-time users of magic mushrooms

Using magic mushrooms for the first time? Follow these tips for beginners, to enjoy your magic mushroom trips.
At Avalon Magic Plants, all we want is for you to enjoy your magic mushroom trips, especially when you’re using them for the first time. Here are some tips for beginners:

Be careful with the dosage

It’s important to know that every person reacts differently to drugs. This is also the case for magic mushrooms. Therefore, it’s important to start with a small dose and then decide how much magic mushrooms you’ll eat the next time, especially for first-time users. Always read the instructions of psychedelic drugs.

Be in a safe, calm and familiar environment

It’s very important to make sure you’re in a safe, calm and familiar environment. For some people, this means they, for example, shouldn’t be on the street, in a forest or on the water. Then, being in a house where you can get out and explore nature if wanted can be a good option. If you’re a first time user, eating magic mushrooms in your own house is always the best. Your own house is often the safest and calm feeling environment because it’s familiar.

Be in the right mental state

Next to the dosage and your environment, the effect of magic mushrooms is also influenced by your mental state. Since magic mushrooms enhance your mental state, it’s certainly not a good idea to take them when you’re not feeling well (physically and mentally). Therefore, we highly recommend you to take magic mushrooms when you’re feeling good, both physically and mentally, are well rested and aren’t stressed. Stress, fear, and anxiety before a trip can make a trip turn bad really quickly and will only enhance these feelings. If this happens, it’s important to stay calm. You might want to take a mushroom stopper.

Have a mushroom stopper nearby

By having a mushroom stopper (bad trip stopper) nearby you’ll be well prepared in case a bad trip happens. A mushroom stopper can minimize the effects of a bad trip and can turn it back into a more pleasurable one. Knowing you have a mushroom stopper nearby can also make you feel safer.

Make sure you have a trip sitter around

Having a trip sitter around is a good way to make sure that nothing happens to you in real life. A trip sitter is someone who is sober, has experience with using magic mushrooms and is able to help you with getting through your trip. A trip sitter is great when it comes to simple things, such as handing you a glass of water, food or a blanket.

Have food and drinks nearby

A mushroom trip can last 3-6 hours. In the first 3 hours, the trip will be strongest. Since you’ll probably crave something during this time, it’s good to have water, juice, herbal tea and light snacks nearby. That way you won’t have to find something to eat or drink during your trip.

Take mushrooms on an empty stomach

Even though it’s good to have food and drinks nearby, it’s also the best to take magic mushrooms on an empty stomach. By taking magic mushrooms on an empty stomach, your body will take in the psilocybin quicker. Therefore, you’re less likely to feel nauseous at the beginning of the trip.

A good trip

What’s a good trip depends on the user. Colors of objects can become extremely lively, you may feel euphoric, experience ‘spiritual freedom’ or be able to see geometric patterns when you close your eyes. By following the tips we just discussed, you’re a couple steps closer to having a great trip!