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4 weed hangover remedies

4 weed hangover remedies

4 weed hangover remedies

Most of the time hangovers are associated with the terrible feeling of drinking too much alcohol, but smoking too much weed can also give you an unpleasant feeling the next morning. These hangovers could give you symptoms such as laziness, dehydration, drowsiness and a dry mouth. The cause of these symptoms could be a large quantity of strong cannabis. Should you ever wake up after a great night with the symptoms of a weed hangover, there are several ways to ensure that it goes away as quickly as possible.


1. Food

First of all, eating a heavy meal will provide a feeling of relief and comfort. Besides that, you should try to avoid caffeine, because that will dry out your body. When it comes to lighting a high, then you should try to drink orange juice. It’s been said that this drink will let you feel better.


2. Stay hydrated

Stay well hydrated generally helps you to feel full of energy, it keeps you awake and more focused. Moreover, it’s a good substitute for sweet and caffeine containing drinks, which sometimes make you feel even more bad.


3. Sleep

Going to sleep again provides you more rest and a better recovery. It’s also the best remedy to become sober again. Resting your head on a pillow is for most of the people the best way to relive a weed hangover. Although some cannabis are known to let the user sleep, that person has probably smoked too much in this case. It can also change the sleep pattern, and reduce the REM sleep.


4. Move

Exercising can work very well to feel more energetic. It can also stimulate the metabolism in your body and burn a number of calories that you’ve built up during last night’s party. A workout or high intensity interval training can stimulate the blood flow, make you sweat, feel good and alive!


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