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What is a mushroom stopper (bad trip stopper)?

what is a mushroom stopper
Are you a beginner when it comes to magic truffles or magic mushrooms? Do you want to be sure you’re safe and give yourself more peace of mind? Then it’s a good idea to get fully prepared for a trip by getting a mushroom stopper! A mushroom stopper can be used when your trip isn’t going as planned by minimizing the effects of a bad trip. The magic mushroom stoppers sold at Avalon Magic Plants contain 2 valerian gel capsules and 2 dextrose sugar tablets. The combination of valerian and dextrose can help you become calmer, makes you relax and will minimize the fear from a bad trip. They are the best thing to use when your trip is becoming a little bit “too much”.

Having a bad trip? Don’t worry, it’s temporary!

A bad trip is known to be an unpleasant, torturous or horrible experience that can follow after taking a drug like magic mushrooms. You might experience a sense of fear, anxiety or panic. You can also feel like you are going insane, disorientated or like you won’t turn back into reality. Luckily these bad hallucinations are only temporary. Most of the times only a part of a trip turns bad. Unfortunately, most drug users don’t know what a bad trip is until they experience one themselves. Therefore, it’s good to know ahead of time what you can experience and what you should do if you or one is your friends is having a bad trip. Luckily bad trips are always temporary. With a mushroom stopper within close reach, you can get your negative hallucinations under control faster. The effects of magic mushrooms can, depending on the dose, the effect of the environment and your constitution, last for several more hours. But with a mushroom stopper, you can take a trip from bad to pleasurable.

How to use a mushroom stopper

If you’re having a bad trip, all you have to do is put the 2 dextrose sugar tablets in your mouth and let them dissolve slowly. The dextrose will neutralize the effects of the bad trip. Then, take in the valerian gel capsules with a large glass of water. The valerian will get you to relax, which will make it possible to get the trip back under control. The best thing to do after taking having a bad trip and taking the mushroom stopper is to eat something solid.

Preparation is everything when taking psychedelics. Enter your magic mushroom or magic truffle trip with confidence with our mushroom stopper (bad trip stopper).