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What is mycelium and what does it do?

what is mycelium
Are you familiar with mycelium, but don’t you know exactly what it is or what the effects are? In this article we explain you everything about this unknown product. Mycelium is a network of fungal threads that grow under the ground. This is where the above-ground mushrooms originate. As you may have already seen, Avalon can provide you with so-called grow kits. These grow kits contain everything you need to grow mushrooms or truffles yourself. It is very interesting to see your own batch grow!

What does ‘100% mycelium’ mean?

A growkit with 100% mycelium, actually means that the nutrient medium is completely filled with potential magic mushrooms. You can harvest faster (often within three weeks) and you really get the most out of your harvest! You can also simply drop the kits with 100% mycelium without giving the magic mushrooms water.

More about our growkits

The best thing about our growkits is that we have adjusted a certain process, so that you can harvest your mushrooms in just a few weeks. Normally it can take months for professional growers. You can get the growkits in different sizes: we offer for example grow kits with a capacity of 1200cc (medium), but you can also order a growkit with 2100cc content! When you do so, you’ll really have a large stock of fresh mushrooms, which you can’t use for just one trip. Therefore it’s useful to know how to keep your mushrooms fresh.

How to keep your mushrooms fresh?

If you are going to grow mushrooms yourself, you will have too many mushrooms for one or two trips. Do you want to keep them fresh for some extra days? Just put them in the fridge, so that they will stay good for about ten days. Do you want to keep them fresh for a longer period? Then it’s best to dry them and put them in a dark, dry place. Then they are fine to use for months, without decreasing the quality of your trip.

In our smartshop you can find all our magic mushrooms, so just take a look at our range! Do you have questions about our products? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.