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What is the best way to store weed?

What is the best way to store weed
If you’re someone who sometimes buys a gram of weed at a coffee shop, you probably don’t have to worry about conserving it. However, if you’re growing your own weed or buy an ounce at a time, it is important to know how to properly conserve it whilst keeping it as fresh and strong as the day you bought it! In this blog post, we tell you exactly how to do this.

Things you need to keep in mind when conserving weed

There are a lot of things that can influence the process of conserving weed. One of the things you need to avoid when conserving weed is heath. Heath will dry your weed out and will make it less effective. Whilst you want to avoid complete dehydration, it’s also important to not have too much moisture when conserving weed. This can lead to mold and the growth of unwanted bacteria. Another thing to avoid is light. Light can damage the trichomes of your weed, which are the little crystals that cover the leaves and buds of your strains. Trichomes are responsible for the stickiness and aroma of your weed and the part of weed that can get you high. You don’t want to damage these!

What you shouldn’t do

Using plastic bags

We probably all have saved weed in a plastic bag once in our lives. Whilst it is quick and easy, using a plastic bag to store your weed has a lot of drawbacks. Firstly, a plastic bag doesn’t protect your weed from light, moisture buildup and heath. Secondly, plastic bags are static, which can create a shock. If there is a shock, most THC in your weed will be destroyed - nobody wants that.

Freezing your weed or putting it in the refrigerator

Another thing you’ve probably thought of is putting your weed in the refrigerator or freezing it. Unfortunately, both aren’t the best ways to conserve your weed. Firstly, the varying temperatures can influence bacterial growth, the growth of mold and the freshness of your weed. The only way to prevent varying temperatures is by never opening your freezer or refrigerator door again, which, of course, isn’t possible. Secondly, when putting your weed in a freezer, the trichomes of your buds may turn into mini icicles. This will make them break and make the remaining weed less powerful. Finally, it’s very easy to touch and move your weed in a freezer or refrigerator, which also doesn’t do any good for the quality of it.

The best way to conserve your weed: a glass jar

By storing your weed in a glass jar, you avoid the risk of it going bad. The perfect glass jar has an airtight lid, which will protect your weed against dehydration and moisture. Another good thing about an airtight lid is that will make sure that the odor of weed isn’t released. This can be great if you need to hide your marijuana or want to store it discreetly. Next to being airtight, it’s important that the jar doesn’t let any light through. Therefore, it’s best to choose the darkest jar available. If you want a little DIY-project, you can paint a clear jar black. Lastly, make sure to choose a jar that has the right size. You don’t want a jar that is too big because the empty space will let in more air and humidity.

Extra tips

Found the perfect glass jar? Then following these next tips will help to keep your weed fresh:

1. Make sure the air temperature is right: cool, but not cold. Avoid places where it can get hot, such as above a microwave.
2. Ultraviolet rays can bleach your marijuana. Therefore, it’s good to store your weed somewhere where it’s dark, such as a drawer. Open it when there is no direct sunlight.
3. Whilst it can be tempting to open your jar to smell your marijuana, its best to only open the jar when you really want to use the marijuana. You don’t want to expose your marijuana to light when it’s not needed.
4. Try to not move your jar or shake it. This will make sure you don’t damage the trichomes.


Don’t store your marijuana in a plastic bag, freezer or refrigerator. To keep the quality of your weed, storing your it in a dark, airtight jar is the way to go! Doing this will protect the trichomes, won’t let light through and will protect your weed against moisture and dehydration. 

Do you still have questions on how to store your weed? Don’t hesitate to contact us!