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Kali Go Silicone Bong - Piecemaker


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Kali Go Silicone Bong - Piecemaker
The flexible bong 'Kali Go' by PieceMaker™ , USA, made of high-quality, food-safe silicone is ideal for everyday use. But even more perfect for travel and festivals, on the high seas and on the balcony, or even on the run after a zombie apocalypse!

✔️️ Hex-TEK™ percolator for the best smoke cooling

✔️️ Lightweight, crushable and unbreakable

✔️️ Dishwasher safe

The silicone chillum features a special percolator with PieceMaker™ 'Hex-TEK™ high perc technology'. The hexagonal specially positioned openings create an extraordinary amount of air and water swirls and countless bubbles. Thus, the smoke is optimally cooled and filtered.

The small, handy bong makes it through every entry check without any glass parts - and its owner. The silicone bong is lightweight, foldable and virtually unbreakable.

The bowl for herbs is a large stainless steel strainer bowl that can be removed. This makes the chillum an adapter for bowls with standard grind grade 14. In addition, there is a cap for the bowl that is connected to the bong. Thus, nothing of the herbal filling is lost during transport. The mouthpiece is particularly comfortably shaped, and there is also a kickhole!

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Kali Go Silicone Bong - Piecemaker
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