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Klutch Silicone bong - Camo

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Klutch Silicone Bong - Camo
When you use one of these 'KLUTCH' bongs from PieceMaker™, you will be amazed at the comfort and gentle draws you get from this innovative bong. Each PieceMaker™ silicone pipe is made with a proprietary food grade 'HexTEK™' percolator technology that adds extra filtration to your draws!

The included stainless steel bowl is made with a mesh grid to keep that extra residue where it belongs, i.e. far away from your mouth, and the silicone cap ensures your favorite herbs stay put!

These beautiful silicone pipes are about 8'' tall and come in a range of fun colors, so choose one that suits your style! Following PieceMaker™'s motto: B.Y.O.T. - BLAZE Your Own Trail!

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Klutch Silicone bong - Camo
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