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Sinicuichi 10X - 3g - Heimia Salicifolia

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Sinicuichi 10X - 3g - Heimia Salicifolia

Sinicuichi relaxes, let stress draine from your body and makes you sleepy. The sacred plant Sinicuichi was used to recall memories by the Aztecs. With increased doses it causes the "supernatural" experiences, because of the hypnotic and mild auditory hallucinatory effect. Sinicuichi extract has been tested and is believed to have euphoric, overall relaxing and pleasantly drowsy effects.

Heimia Salicifolia 10x extract

How to use Sinicuichi extract
Add 0,5 grams to a cup of boiling water and leave it for 25 minutes. Add honey to taste and drink. Long term use is not recommended.

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Sinicuichi 10X - 3g - Heimia Salicifolia

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