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Trip report | resolutions

Trip report | resolutions


After the trip report with my mum, she told me about the clarity of mind she felt after the days passed- Some major things happened, after few days she told me about how she stopped to fear and worry about things that she used to worry about and what she used to fear. She explained to me that there was a lot of things which she was worried about subconsciously and now she is free from them.  I was pretty happy about this outcome, she continued to have that lightness feeling for a long time. I felt that she finaly understands  the things that Im trying to give to her, I felt deep connection with her. She was like alive again. She started to be aware of thing in her life that are not neccesary. As long time passed we become a vegetarian, make huge changes to our diet and lives, because the pain what she felt in her times during the trip never really left her to this day. She convinced herself that the pain thing started to happen from the trip experience, even through she was been ill for a long time before ( not feeling the pain always and not in the area of hands but it was already happening) I was blaming myself for this and took it as my responsibility.  

I was desperate to see her in pain often, with swollen hands, she started to loose her force to pick up even little bit heavy things. Sometimes when she do a what she call wrong move, she feel lots of pain and unfitting joint. I felt somehow her pain and decided to help her. I went to this deep meditation trip , I ingested 4 grams dried, meditated as usual and I tried to find out who is responsible for this. At this time the teeth were long forgotten.  I was insisting in finding out who is responsible I went to something which could be described as energy tunel, after traveling through it I saw  a flash of a pentagram, which was followed by a flash of davincis painting ( I dont know the exact name) and somehow this flashes explained to me that the painting and the pentagram are one of the same, or that painting was created using a pentagram. It was like flashes of lighting. I somehow felt worried about evil presence of some kind of entity and I Insisted to not giving any attention to this stuff and rather than that I focused on who was responsible for my mums pain and then suddenly the face of an elderly blond very angry women appeared, she seemed very evil and cruel like some which. I didnt knew who that was, but intuitively I performed what I learned earlier, I started to imagine and project her image as a kid. I saw that she was a good innocent kid once before,  then she was deeply hurt as kid by her parents  and thats why she changed from good pure hearted innocent kid to an evil character. When I saw her image as a kid I projected her innocence to her and told her to go home to find who she really are and that she is not what the circumstances made her. After some time with communicating with her I realized who she was, even when she seemed lot older then she looked in reality, it was her, I was assuered by the image of her as younger kid. It was our dentist I immediately connected the dots. The trip continued and my questions arised, I realized and knew what happened in that trip was healing. I wanted to know who did this healing and I was really curious about what was guiding me at the time, I came into contact with some really joyful entity and the answer to my question arrived from this entity after some time, it said Nirit Waki, It sounded very joyful to me and I was trying to pronounce it correnctly, I was wondering is it Nirit waki or Nirit Waiki, and the response was this overwhelming joy. After the trip stopped I wrote down the name and tried to search about it day after. I was a fool when I thought it was a person I tried to look up that name on facebook and google and didnt found anything lol. Then I explained to my mum that root source of the problem is that what I told her before and what she was ignoring, her teeths. I reasearched lot of stuff about the teeths and found out that the problem might be root cannals, I explained to her that she basically having dead bone (teeth) in her mouth and  underneath is her gums rotting and it is like a petri dish for viruses and thats why all the natural gifts of nature didnt work. She used a lot of stuff, she tried almost everything which I found  as very powerful  medicine. She was also previously diagnosed with chlamydia pneumoniae, which is very bad form of pneumonia, infecting the mitochondrial cells, the cells which are responsible for our energy, this explained why she felt tired most of the time and had very short and shallow breathing. The things from nature she used for example (chaga tea, lions mane, shitake, lots of oils, essential oils for pneumoniae and other healthy stuff)  helped her, but I havent found or seen major improvements in her health condition. I didnt give up and tried to convince her ego that it is ok to give up on those dead teeths which are probably the cause of her problem. After 2 years of constant reminding she finaly decided to not making any excuses ( that old dentist didnt want to take her root canaled teeths out) meanwhile dentist retired, we found this new young lady dentist and she was ok with taking those teeth outs. She finaly decided to get it done, It was quite hard for her but with the help of cbd and other tinctures natural products like black cumin oil, she healed very quickly and the gums were healed without infection, almost like they were waiting for the teeths the entire time to get removed. After some months she felt major improvements in her healthconditions the pain subsides, only appearing at the night. One peculiar thing about all this that her pain problem always arise during the fool moon. I learned a lot about this disease and found out that what basically cause her pain is the dieoff the chlamydia pneumoniae parasite, when that little thing die, it converts itself to dangerous  protein which is harming the nervous system. This is called a herxhaimer reaction They are making kamikaze of themselves ! This reaction can be very painful and sometimes deadly I think whats happened during that full moon trip was that these organisms were killed on a huge scale and huge amounts of protein which these organism were converted into, harmed the nervous system. It would kill the parasite completely, but the dead tissue and dead bone were the petri dish for this parasite, so they reproduced in there succesfully and got really pissed of about what almost happened. I think they fear their little lives and thats why she is feeling the pain during the fool moons.

 The problems with the understanding each others was coming back, I decided to introduce her to microdosing because,  everytime when I tried to even ask her If she would trip If the experience was better or that trip is waiting for her to get resolved, she immediately got worried and do not want to do anything. This short time of microdosing for a one  month period helped her a little bit. I convinced her to smoking a bong rip once she immediately went back to that bad trip feeling, resisting it, I did a guided chakra meditation this time for her, guiding her and told her to surrender, after doing it the feelings of pain and all the uncomfy feeling subsides.  That was last summer, she is now healed from chlamydia pneumoniae, or at least it is cryptic state. I can clearly see that the parasite is affecting the mind and thinking of that person. I realised it when I saw other people with this illness  and examined their symptoms. They all for certain cannot stand purifying tools like palo santo or white sage. I also found out that my mums blood group is specifically vulnerable to attack of this exact parasite. I found out through one very interesting person which is my guru ( I know dont trust gurus :D but this person gave lot of wisdom and help of powerful tools to me for free, his name is Nithyananda) The product which I discovered with the help of this person supposed to make oxygen absorbtion in body 300% powerful, I was very skeptic, but after trying it I must say It is bitter, hard to hold it in(reminds me of ayahuasca) but it certainly does have an effect of cleansing and oxygenising the mitochondria cells. I see that because her energy levels raised tremendeously. 
 i got a feeling that her illness is psychosomatic, she endure a rough childhood    

however none of these products affects the mind, so after that short period of microdosing effects went a way and she is filled with ignorance again.

She can read something quite simple 5times not understanding it, or hear someone talking to her, explaining in five different simpler methods, she wont understand. I also see the ego patterns arising, few days ago it was a super full moon which is appearing once per 70 years when I gently told her about an opportunity, that I have created with a help of most amazing and kind people from earth, that I can get the mushrooms for this  full moon trip. She didnt agreed filled with worries and fear, and its not only that lot of pain, suffering patterns and self replication from her mother arised( All the negative ways of thinking, doing and other worst human traits of her mother were somehow transfered to her and acquired ) but she have no intention to do something about it. Sometimes I feel she is creating her suffering for her own self, to awake, but she simply doesnt have heart to do it .      

I get sometimes really desperate because Im trying to help her every possible way and I would only get pissed of by the ignorance of people that I love.

I dont want to sound rude but sometimes I got a feeling that I need to left her to her own and go to some place where I would not be disturbed by ordinary people, like some ahraam or something, sometimes it feels that only her on her own can find the solution.

I am endlessly thankful for the support of Avalon, for the CBD I got from them and for the support and resolutions which the mighty mushroom revealed. Without it my mum might would have been dead or crippled in bad way. The doctors would not tell you the truth because of the profit from treating your symptoms and not taking care of the root symptom. I can only finish it that the body become host for a reason, often the reason is emotional memory burried deep within us, something that we dont want to face.   

To everyone, please be aware of any entheogen that gives vasoconstriction effect to ill people also be aware of herxhaimer reaction with patients which have illness related to chlamydia pnemoniae parasite :

Multiple sclerosis<

Chronic fatigue<




Chronic refractory sinusitis

Cardiac disease<

Interstitial cystitis<


Crohn's disease

Inflammatory bowel diseasei<

Alzheimer's disease<

Additionally: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, uveitis, optic neuritis, radiculitis, nerve deafness, transverse myelitis, sarcoid, myocarditis, pericarditis, culture-negative endocarditis, atheromatous arterial disease, aneurysm, giant-cell (temporal) arteritis, polyarteritis nodosa, Wegener's granuloma, primary sclerosing cholangitis, reactive arthritis, Reiter's syndrome, Behcet's disease, cutaneous vasculitides including pyoderma gangrenosa. Wheldon adds: "Conditions which may suggest the possibility of flare-ups of chronic Chlamydia pneumoniae infection deserving serological investigation include the following — a multiplicity being more strongly suggestive: recurrent sinusitis, recurrent chest infectionsi, chronic fatigue (especially if following a respiratory infection), focal neurological deficits, myalgia, muscle fasciculation's, recurrent episodes of bronchospasm, unexplained pleuritic pain, angina, recurrent arthralgia, unexplained recurrent abdominal pain, unexplained menorrhagia, recurrent fistula-in-ano, recurrent cutaneous vasculitides, achalasia, intestinal dysmotility."

few facts about the disease :


When I first heard a theory that some bacteria can control our minds I was laughing at it but certainly as with the mushroom called cordyceps and  also with chlamydia pneumoniae it is entirely possible.


Im endlessly thankful for the help of mother nature gifts, the experiences they bring helped to realize lot of important things in life and most importantly, Im thankful that I found root source of the problem via this universal connection which was created with the help of these powerful entheogens. After removing the teeths she had rot in there, it was all cleared and the illness slowly creeps away.

Please never try to resist the experience its very disgraceful and  it will mess with you strongly.