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What are the different types of hallucinations?

What are the different types of hallucinations?

What are the different types of hallucinations?

A hallucination is a feeling that is experienced as real, but which doesn’t correspond to what actually happens. We probably all know a visual hallucination, but there is more! Some may be caused by several types of drugs, others can be caused by mental disorders, a heavy loss or other disorders. In this article we tell you more about the 6 different types of hallucinations.

1.Visual hallucinations

One of the most common types: visual hallucinations. They occur when someone sees things that aren’t there at all. This type often is the result of taking pharmaceutical drugs or alcoholics. Other causes of visual hallucinations are a lack of sleep, drug withdrawal and migraine.

2.Auditory hallucinations

Auditory hallucinations occur when someone starts to hear things that seems to be real, but in reality they are not. These could be sounds like whistling, hissing, humming and even the voices of deceased loved ones. During an auditory hallucination it’s possible to hear one specific sound or a combination of multiple sounds. It could be difficult to determine the difference between what you imagine and what your own thoughts are.

3.Gustatory hallucinations

Gustatory hallucinations are rare, but it can cause someone to taste things they haven’t eaten at all. These hallucinations often indicate that the person has as medical problem or that he or she experiences the side effects of certain medicine.

4.Tactile hallucinations

A tactile hallucination has something to do with feeling something on your skin that isn’t actually there. These feelings could be so intense, that people who experience this scratch open their skin. This is the most of the time the result of excessive use of drugs or alcohol.

5.Proprioceptive hallucinations

Proprioceptive hallucinations, concerning the physical position, make people feel as if they are flying, or have an so-called out of body experience. This means that someone feels as if a certain part of their body is somewhere else instead of their body.

6.Olfactory hallucinations

Olfactory hallucinations express when someone smells a fragrance that isn’t there in reality. This is one of the most rare types of hallucinations. Several diseases, such as epilepsy, could cause this hallucination.

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