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CBD in food and drinks: these are your options

cbd in food and drinks
Cannabidiol (CBD), also called hemp oil, is often used to reduce anxiety, depression, inflammation and nausea. It can be taken into your body in multiple different ways. One of those ways is through food and drinks. By taking CBD with your food and drinks, you’ll be able to take in CBD without really tasting the strong flavor of it. This is ideal for everyone who doesn’t like the taste of CBD, but still wants to take it in. In this blogpost we’ll share five ways in which you can easily eat and drink CBD.

CBD tea

The easiest way to drink CBD is by making a delicious cup of tea out of hemp flowers that contain CBD or buying ready-made package of CBD teas. CBD oil often isn’t the best for making tea, because the oil does not easily mix with water or soft drinks. Therefore, buying ready-made CBD tea or infusing hemp flowers yourself is the best option for drinking CBD. There are detox teas, wake up teas and more!

CBD in wraps

Whilst CBD oils can’t easily be mixed with drinks, they can easily be taken in with food. You might be surprised to hear that CBD oils can be used in many different day-to-day recipes, such as wraps! For example, you can easily make a wrap with salmon, lettuce, cream cheese ánd a hint of CBD oil! Just mix the CBD oil with the cream cheese, add it to the wrap as you’d normally do and you’re ready to go.

CBD in the frosting of cupcakes

CBD oil can also easily be mixed in the frosting of cupcakes. All you have to do is add some CBD oil in the buttercream that you use to make the frosting for your cupcakes. By adding the oil to the frosting of the cupcakes instead of the batter cupcakes, people who might not want to use CBD can enjoy some cupcakes as well. One of the CBD oils you can use to add in the frosting of cupcakes is Cannabigold (available in 2,5 and 5% CBD). Cannabigold originates from organic hemp fields in Poland. The oil comes in an unbreakable bottle that makes it almost impossible to spill or leak the CBD.

CBD pasta

Fancy a CBD pasta or macaroni tonight? That’s super easy. Just add some CBD oil (for example our CBD oil RAW 3%) to your pasta sauce and add it to your pasta as you would normally do! You won’t even notice the CBD is in there. You can also make CBD lasagna. Which is a little bit more difficult than making CBD paste, because you need to be sure the temperature isn’t too high. By adding raw CBD oil to your pasta you’ll get the benefits of the hemp plant, just as nature intended.

CBD guacamole

CBD oil can easily be added to everyone’s favorite high-fat dip. Just mash together some avocados, lime juice and salt. Add the CBD oil (and if you want some tomatoes, garlic, cilantro and onion), and you’ve made yourself a delicious CBD guacamole! To get the best flavor refrigerate your guacamole for 1 hour or serve immediately. The Vitae Sense CBD oil is a good option.

Buying CBD oils

We hope we inspired you to use CBD in different ways. Want to get your own CBD products? We sell a variety of them in our webshop. Enjoy your meal and drinks!