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Devil's Claw - A diabolical herb or a therapeutical dream inducer?

Devils Claw

With a name like Devil’s Claw, you might sense some trouble ahead. But the contrary is true: Devil’s Claw, or Harpagophytum Procumbens, is an extremely popular medicinal plant which has been used by herbalists because of its high concentration of the beneficial component harpagoside. You might have stumbled upon this herb while browsing Avalon Magic Plants while searching for dream enhancing products. Because while Devil’s Claw is filled with beneficial properties, one of it’s sought after effects is its capability of inducing visual dreams and helping with lucid dreaming.

Devil’s Claw

Let’s start with the rather diabolical nickname of this herb. There are two stories that might explain the name. One is the appearance of the plant, which contains hooks and is full of spikes. The other explanation might be more interesting, however. The hooks on the plant ‘attach’ themselves to animals in order to spread the seeds. This induces quite a lot of pain, hence the name Devil’s Claw. Other names used for this plant are Harpagophyti Radix, Uncaria procumbens, Harpagophytum, Harpagophytum zeyheri, Racine de Windhoek and Racine de Griffe du Diable. It originates from the Namibian desert of Southern Africa.

The structure of the harpagofito is divided into the primary root, which is tuberous and elongated, and secondary roots, also with a tube-like appearance, which branch out from it. The latter, endowed with an intensely bitter taste, is to which the medicinal effect of treatment of this plant can be attributed. The harpagofito, or Devil's claw, is mainly used as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy and is especially helpful for athletes who suffer wear and tear on their joints due to their constant physical efforts.

Therapeutic properties

But that’s just the start. The harpagofito presents its richness in compounds of various therapeutic properties that improve health, which makes this substance secreted by the harpagofito a real treasure within the vast field of natural medicine. The harpagoside is responsible for eliminating pain problems related to inflammation and effectively improve health. Its main asset is the harpagoside. A component that intervenes stopping the inflammatory process of the body. It prevents the inflammation from occurring and also reduces it in case there is one. It is a very effective plant to treat bumps, arthritis, and any problem that occurs with inflammation.

Using Devil’s Claw for Lucid Dreaming

If you are looking for lucid dream herbs, Devil’s Claw might just be the herb you need. Since a good night’s rest is something we all need, but unfortunately isn’t guaranteed for all of us, we might just get some help by using medicinal enhancers like the root of Devil’s Claw. The herb is an extremely effective soother. Most users of Devil’s Claw experience a more profound and deep sleep by using it. And while that could be all there is to it for some, most users go through very vivid dreams that are extremely memorable while using this scare-named herb. To those practicing lucid dreaming it has been proven to be extremely beneficial.

Using Devil’s Claw

Depending on the benefits sought and the health problem that needs to be combated, both oral and topical applications can be used for Devil’s Claw. And in certain situations, it may even be appropriate to combine both. Taking harpagofito in capsules or tablets sets in motion the reparative processes to fight osteoarthritis or the inflammation of tendons or ligaments. However, Devil’s Claw can also be taken in with food or brewed into tea. A usual dose of Devil’s Claw consists of around 50 mg, but it is advised to build up slowly as you experience the effects.

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