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What's the difference between being high and stoned?

What's the difference between being high and stoned?

What’s the difference between being high and stoned?

Do you wonder what the difference is between high and stoned, but don’t you know who to ask this question? In this article we’d like to tell you more about the differences between these two terms. There are significant differences between feeling high and stones, with regard to the physical and psychological manifestations of the effects. In fact, they are the opposite of each other and represent certain experiences for the user.

What does it mean when you’re high?

A ‘high’ basically encourages a small increase in physical energy and emotional euphoria. Many users experience a lofty mood and the urge to be physically active. This is due to the adrenaline balance that allows users to feel energized without the same levels of pain as if they were sober. Being high is regularly accompanied by an outburst of creative confidence and inspiration. Throughout the history, many artists have used cannabis to assist them in creating their best werk. For some population statistics of cannabis users, becoming high is the ultimate goal of the experience, because it reduces inhibitions and increases self-esteem.

What does ‘being stoned’ mean?

Unlike being ‘high’, is being ‘stoned’ an experience characterized by physical lethargy and sometimes even mental detachment. While the exact differences between the two results are based on anecdotal experiences rather than strict scientific dichotomy, high is considered to be the highlight before being stoned. After consuming large amounts of THC and experiencing the euphoric crux of the effects, there is a pleasant feeling of physical anesthesia and mental relaxation which follows.

Hopefully the difference between being high and stoned is now somewhat clear for you. Do you have any questions about our products or the effects? Please feel free to contact us!