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5 facts about magic mushrooms and truffles.

5 facts about magic mushrooms and truffles.

facts about magic mushrooms and truffles

Studies show that magic mushrooms and truffles can do more than only create a hallucinogenic trip. Magic mushrooms have many holistic effects: they improve the psychological and physical well-being, they have health benefits in the long term, and they can change your life positively. Do you want to know more facts about these psychedelics? Read on!

1. Magic mushrooms are relatively safe

From all known legal and illegal recreational drugs, magic mushrooms are the safest, according to the Global Drug Survey from 2017. This research generated a very big dataset: it consisted of more than 120,000 questionnaires spread across 50 countries. It was concluded that magic mushrooms lead least to people seeking medical help: only 0.2% did.

2. There are hundreds of types of psychedelic mushrooms

There are almost 200 different kinds of magic mushrooms and truffles. They do well in a wide variety of landscapes: from grassy fields and gardens to decaying forests and among animal excrement.

3. They can change your personality positively

A study at the John Hopkings University School of Medicine concluded that only after the one-time use of psilocybin, people reported an improved overall feeling of well-being for the next fourteen months of longer. The personality changes consisted of being open to new ideas, self-confidence, happiness and optimism.

4. They could have many health benefits

Evidence shows that the psychoactive ingredients of magic mushrooms and truffles, psilocybin and psilocin, are fantastic alternatives to the standard treatment of mental disorders. In addition, mushrooms don’t contain physically addictive ingredients. Psilocybin and psilocin help to balance the group of neurons that makes connections between emotions, by changing the way the brain responds to negative stimuli. Besides this, they could be an effective remedy for migraines and cluster headaches.

5. Animals also love magic mushrooms!

In a nature series of the BBC in 2009, it turned out that reindeers love magic mushrooms and truffles. It is unclear whether they actually feel hallucinogenic effects, but they definitely aren’t the only animals who loves it. It’s rumoured that goats and other cattle also eat magic mushrooms.

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