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How CBD can improve your sex life

how cbd can improve your sex life
There are multiple things that can affect your sex life. CBD is one of those things. It can help improve the intimacy between you and your partner, because it’s a stress and pain reliever, while stimulating mental clarity and peace. Many people say they are having problems in the bedrooms because of the drudgery of daily life. However, by putting CBD on your bedside table you can significantly improve your sex life.

There are no toxic substances used in CBD and it’s a perfect product to improve intimacy. The dosage is nothing to worry about. You can always use CBD and a little bit can already work like a charm. You can consume CBD in different ways. You can vape it as a balsam, liquid or crystal.

CBD reduces sexual fear and stress

CBD is an anxiolytic and because of this it relieves anxiety and stress in a natural way. By using CBD the serotonin receptors in the brain are activated. This results to a self made antidepressant in the body and mind. Also the brain inhibits the release of chemicals that cause inflammation, worry and fear. Without any psychoactive effects, CBD can do this. You will feel refreshed and relieves without being high.

Here you can read a number of anecdotal reports that have been collected from people between the age of 30 and 50 who used CBD to improve their sex life:

- Women can achieve their orgasm easier;
- Men say they get better and more frequent orgasms;
- Both women and men claim that they are more open to lust and that they feel more connected to their partner. 

Improve and stimulate

People who are suffering from erectile dysfunctions can also be helped by CBD. The problem is usually caused by a decreased blood supply and tissue damage. Researchers state that the erectile dysfunction is caused by the toxic dioxin. This poison builds up in the body over time through food consumption and exposure to the environment. The dioxin can be removed from the body by using CBD, also it can prevent it from accumulating in the fat cells.

When you use CBD in combination with THC, the THC can dominate the CBD and this can cause negative effects in erectile dysfunction. It’s therefore considered useful to use only CBD-rich species or pure CBD oil for this condition.


Some people experience pain during sex. Women can use a high concentration CBD balm of spread to experience more comfort due the improved blood flow and increased humidity. Women in menopause consume CBD oil because of this exactly reason.

CBD is not just beneficial for people who experience pain during sex. Also people who are suffering from chronic pain due to other reasons can use CBD to benefit from it. The inhibition of inflammation and the increased production of serotonin help the body to relax and feel great.