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How does a capsule machine work?

capsule machine
Chewing or swallowing herbs or seeds aren’t always the tastiest ways to consume. For some herbs or seeds it is better to swallow it in one whole piece. The use of a simple capsule machine can make a big difference in consuming the herbs and seeds.

Make a mixture

With this capsule machine you can make 24 capsules within a few minutes. The capsules consist of 400 mg, and the machine is very easy to work with. The first thing you have to do is making your own mixture of herbs or seeds. After this you can start by assembling the capsule machine. To begin with the assembling you have to place the large part of the machine on the enclosed holder and place it on a flat plate.

Place the capsules

When you did this, you have to disassemble the capsules and put the longer parts in the upwards opening and the shorter parts in the lid. Now you can take 1,5 tablespoon of mixture and spread it over the holes with the enclosed white card. This way you can fill the capsules equal. If it’s necessary, you can press the powder with the rammer into the capsules.

Perfect result

When the mixture is placed in the capsules, you can place the lid on the base and remove the capsule machine from the enclosed holder. You have to place the machine on a flat surface and push it all the way down. Now you can remove the lid and you will find the capsules in there. If you push down the top of the lid, the capsules can fall out and they are ready to use.

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