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It's Valentine's Weekend at Avalon Magic Plants!

valentines discount

Can you feel the love in the air? It's time to celebrate Valentine's Day!


Every 14th of February, millions of people around the world think of the most fabulous ways to surprise their partners and show them their love. Well, Avalon Magic Plants is no different, but we have our very own way of showing you guys our love! This Valentine's Weekend we have some amazing discounts setup for you, including the best sexual stimulants and even our amazing magic truffles. Check them out below and don't forget to benefit from the 20% discounts before Sunday 23.59. We wish you an amazing Valentine's Day!


20% discount on our sex stimulants

Valentine's Day is all about love, but those magical warm and fuzzy feelings shouldn't just be limited to this one specific day. Here at Avalon Magic Plants, we think that experiencing love and sexuality is something to enjoy as much as possible! That is why this entire weekend, all of our sex stimulant products have an amazing 20% discount. Time to surprise your lover

20% discount on our aphrodisiac herbs

While these sex stimulants above are considered favorites among many of our passion-loving customers, our aphrodisiac herbs just might be used even more! These specific herbs will make the blood rush to all the good parts in your body and are so powerful they could have even been made by Aphrodite herself. Check out these amazing herbs such as Maca, Muira Puama or Tongkat Ali now!

20% discount on Magic Truffles

Did you know scienctists are trying to find out why magic truffles not only improve our connection with nature, but with other people as well? More and more couples try shrooms or magic truffles to improve their relationship, and we think that's just a lovely thing! So this Valentine's Day Weekend, we're giving you a 20% discount on our lovely truffles as well!

Looking to spice up your sex life? This might help you...

Do you want to have more fun in the bedroom? Trying out some aphrodisiacs might just do the trick! These libido enhancing herbs are called aphrodisiacs after the Greek goddess for fertility and beauty Aphrodite. These special herbs have the ability to increase libido and sexual endurance by influencing hormone levels and by affecting our brain and blood flow. In this blog post we tell you all about it!

Your lover is waiting...

It's time to bring out the best of your love life, dear Avalon Magic Plants visitors! Get started by benefiting from these amazing 20% discounts on some of the most wonderful products we have in store. We will assure you your lover won't be dissapointed!

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