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Learn how to make your own microdosing capsules in 4 easy steps

make own microdose capsules

Are you interested in making your own herbal capsules? For health benefits, to boost your libido, or maybe even to microdose your own magic mushrooms? Whatever your reason, you're in the right place for anything when it comes to making your own herbal capsules. In contrast to buying capsules or pills in the store (or here at Avalon Magic Plants), you can also make capsules at home. That way, you'll know right away that the herbs you take are fresh and organic to meet your specific needs. 

Necessary tools to encapsulate your own herbs (or shrooms)

All you need to make your own herbal capsules are these tools:

  • The ground organic herb (or herbs) you want to encapsulate. Here at Avalon Magic Plants we sell a wide range of dried herbs that you can use perfectly for this;
  • Empty capsules. You can find these here;
  • A capper or capsule machine, which makes encapsulating super easy. Always make sure your capsules are the same size as the machine. Here at Avalon we also sell combination packaging of capper + capsules, so you can always be sure that you have the right thing in your hands.
  • A shallow bowl to work in. For example, an oven dish made of clear glass.
  • A glass jar. A convenient method for storing capsules.

Step-by-step plan for do-it-yourself herbal capsules

Place the capsule machine in the center of the shallow baking dish. Then place the capsule machine on the stand. Open each empty capsule and place the longer half in the machine and open the end. Repeat until the capsule machine is full or the capsule halves are finished. Take the narrower half of each capsule and place it in the top of the capper, open side up.

Then add your spice powder. Just two tablespoons of the spice powder (or spice mixture) you want to encapsulate will fill about 24 capsules. First, fill the larger halves of your capsules with your powdered spice until each capsule is equally full. It is sometimes easiest to use a measuring cup for easier pouring, although a spoon is also sufficient. Using the capsule machine spreader card, gently pour the powder into the capsules by gently working the spreader card back and forth across the top of the herb so that the powder is evenly distributed.

Take the pestle and press it onto the herbal powder to get it into the capsules. Continue to alternate between using the spreader card and the stamper to distribute the powder evenly and push down with the stamper until all the space in the capsule is filled. Once completely filled, use the spreader card to sweep the excess powder into the shallow bowl.

From this point on, you can also fill the buds using the same method described above, but this can be quite frustrating. While it leaves some space, you can leave the tops blank to make encapsulating easier. Take the bottom of the machine and place the top of the capper on it. Now press the machine down in the middle. If you feel like it went well, take the cap off. If it worked, all your capsules are now perfectly packaged.

Make your own health supplements

Sounds easy? It is! Buying ready-to-eat supplements from the store is a thing of the past once you learn how to make your own herbal capsules. We guarantee you will not regret it. In fact, making their own supplements becomes an actual hobby for many!