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3 products to help you relax

3 products to help you relax

3 products to help you relax

Do you need some relaxation? In this article you’ll find 3 products to help you relax! Good news: all these products are available at Avalon Magic Plants.

1. Blue Lilly

Do you like using a tincture? Then you should try Blue Lilly. Blue Lilly is a mild tranquilizer, as well as an aphrodisiac. Although Blue Lilly originally comes from Egypt, it grows practically anywhere in the world. There are people who claim that the effects match those of ecstasy; others find it more like cannabis. According to people who have ever experimented with Blue Lilly, you become calm and happy. People who suffer from sleeping problems can use this product to sleep deeply. You’ll get up fit and ready!

Blue lilly

2. Mulungu herbs

Mulungu has been used in Brazil for years as a relaxing tea. The herb is even good for the central nervous system and provides relaxation and a good night's sleep. The Mulungu tree, or Erythrina mulungu, is a large tree that grows in the tropical marshes of South America. In the rainforests of Brazil and Peru, locals take the bark of the Mulungu tree and boil it in hot water. It is claimed that it performs miracles for reducing tension and nervousness.

Mulungu herbs

3. Leonurus Leonotis

People who would like to smoke something for relaxation could try Leonurus Leonotis. In Africa this is called 'wild dagga' or 'Leeuwenstaart' because of its feathery, pointy flowers resembling gladioli. It is a high South African bush of the mint family, with deep green leaves that extend to long strips after flowering. Leonotis leonurus is an excellent substitute for cannabis, especially in Mexico and California. Each package contains 3 grams of dried herbs. People who have smoked this product, say that you can combine it with weed and tobacco: it would cause a soothing high.

Leonurus Leonotis

Do you want to know more about these relaxing products or do you have a specific question? Please feel free to contact us.