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The advantages of cannabis tea

The advantages of cannabis tea
Whether it’s for medical reasons or to create an amazing high: a tasty cup of tea with cannabis can generate a high which is all about the journey! Rolling a joint or using a vaporizer are still the most common methods of cannabis consumption. But have you ever thought about drinking cannabis tea? With cannabis tea you can get a dose of this herb without having the risks of smoking. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to dose for patients who suffer from their mouth or throat, or have other respiratory diseases.

Pain relief

Cultures from ancient times already used brews that had been enriched with marijuana because of their healthy narcotic and anti-inflammatory properties. They used this tea to treat a variety of conditions, such as epilepsy, and to help with childbirth and to relieve nausea and headaches. It’s not just about the ability to actively block pain, but also the fact that it works without the negative side effects of conventional painkillers.

Good for the digestive system

When drinking cannabis tea, the active ingredients of cannabis can provide a rapid relief from many digestive problems, from cramping and constipation to diarrhea and acid regurgitation. Our ancestors already used these beneficial properties of cannabis tea to relieve digestive or stomach problems.

Could help to control mood disorders

Cannabis tea is could be suitable for the treatment of people who have a tendency to anxiety. This is because it usually provides a milder and less psychoactive high than smoking marijuana. People who suffer from anxiety usually regard cannabis tea as a more relaxed method than smoking cannabis, because of the lower THC content in the brew is. The relaxing effects of the tea also last longer.

How to make cannabis tea

The easiest way to prepare cannabis tea is to simmer a few tops with some butter or oil for about 30 minutes on a low heat. Instead of tops you can also use leaves or stems. Which one you should choose depends on how strong you would like to have your cannabis tea: tops provide the strongest brew, while the stems provide a less strong tea. It can take about 30 minutes for the cannabis tea to start working, so just be patient. The effects can also last quite long: up to 8 hours. Keep that in mind when you plan to drink your own cannabis tea.