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The health benefits of damiana (a natural libido booster)

The health benefits of damiana (a natural libido booster)

Damiana, also called Turnera diffusa, is an herb from Central and South America. The plant grows up to 2 meters (6.56 feet) in height and has pale green leaves. Damiana flowers have a distinctive yellow color, and usually grow when the leaves are ready to be harvested. But the most important part: Damiana is a plant that has a lot to offer. Healthwise, but also in the bedroom. The functioning of the plant and its benefits are mainly related to sexual functioning, but it’s also a very potent relaxation herb. In this article we will discuss how Damiana works and explain its best-known benefits.

A brief history of damiana

Damiana was and is still used by the Indian population in South America as an aphrodisiac. The first usage of this herb is traced back all the way to the Mayas. There it was mainly used to improve both male and female sexuality, but it’s clear it isn’t just sexual problems that are on the benefits-list of this potent herb. When used in larger quantities, damiana has also proven to have hallucinatory effects. This is one of the reasons Indian Shamans used damiana to communicate with other worlds.

In South America, the indigenous peoples used the extracts as a tonic for the kidneys and bladder. For example, it was often used against bladder infections or kidney stones.Currently, in Brazil and Central America it is still used as a tonic to improve the general health of people. Today's studies focus on the other health benefits of damiana and how it can work as a potential stress aid for people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

So let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of this special herb.

Increased libido

The most common reason why this plant is used today (and in the past) is for its libido-enhancing effect. Damiana is famous for its aphrodisiac properties, frequently, people call it "Turnera aphrodisiac". Studies show that consuming damiana extract helps maintain the nerve endings of the genitals and improve blood flow, which can help to treat sexual deficiencies and erectile dysfunction.

Sufficient studies have been able to show that the herb can improve sexual health in men. The mechanism behind this damiana effect is not certain. It is believed that a combination of the active substances in the plant cause this effect. Another explanation is that the stimulating effect on the blood circulation causes this effect. But that cannot immediately explain why we get more excited about sex. It could, of course, explain why men have better erections while using damiana. Blood will be able to enter the penis more easily, resulting in a harder and fuller erection. However, the libido increase is seen in both women and men. Others assume that it is due to its anti-estrogenic effect. It will probably be a combination of both. Damiana has a double effect. For example, it will very quickly stimulate the genital zone by increasing the amount of oxygen. When the plant is used for a longer period of time, it can increase energy and therefore greatly improve performance.

But although often used for this purpose, the damiana plant should not be limited only to its effects on sexual health. Here are some other health benefits you can get when using damiana:

It helps you relax

Damiana has a very relaxing effect, which can be compared to cannabis. It is slightly narcotic and is seen as a means to improve general well-being. In many European countries the herb is used as a means to relieve stress and to relax. This is one of the reasons the herb is seen in quite some vaporizer herbs that are meant to be used after stressful days.

It can help relieve mild depressions

Although it is not yet used as one of the main alternatives for the treatment of depression, it has been observed that it improves the emotional state of people affected by this disease.

It can help regulate menstruation

The consumption of damiana helps relieve inflammation and menstrual cramps by functioning as a diuretic. It helps prevent fluid retention and slows blood flow to the lower abdomen, which is often the reason for menstrual pain. Damiana is also used to help women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which often causes mood swings and mild depression, by balancing the production of hormones.

It can work as a laxative

Damiana helps relieve constipation thanks to its mild laxative effect. It has also been noted that it promotes the function of the digestive system and helps drain toxins and other harmful substances from the body.

It can relieve urinary tract infections

The herb has several antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which makes it useful for the treatment of infections and inflammation of the genitals.

How to use Damiana?

The damiana herb can be used in different ways. The most common is in the form of tea, which is usually drunk to promote relaxation. However, the herb can also be used in a vaporizer to quickly benefit from the effects that are inhibited in this potent herb.

To make tea, let 10 to 15 grams or three tablespoons of the herb steep for 15 minutes in a litre of water, or let it boil softly for 5 minutes. Damiana powder can also be mixed with water or fruit juice. One tablespoon is enough for a strong effect.

You could also use a more potent Damiana extract. These are much more potent than the dried herb. Put half a gram to a gram in a cup and let it steep in hot water for about 5 minutes. Drink the tea half an hour to an hour prior to the desired effect, preferably on an empty stomach. The powder can also be ingested directly.