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What are magic truffles?

what are magic truffles
Magic truffles can be a good replacement for magic mushrooms. They are also known as the sclerotia of psilocybin mushrooms or Philosopher stones. Just as magic mushrooms, they contain the hallucinogenic substances psilocybin and psilocin.

What is the difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms?

Magic truffles are basically the part of magic mushrooms that can be found under the ground. Next to the fact that magic truffles and magic mushrooms look different and feel different (magic truffles are hard, whilst magic mushrooms are tender/juicy), there aren’t many more differences between the two. Even the experience that magic truffles cause is identical to the effect of magic mushrooms. This is because magic truffles and magic mushrooms both contain an equal amount of the substances psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin/norbaeocystin. However, there are some people who say that the flavors of the two differ and that magic mushrooms have a bad taste... Truffles are often described as being more acidic and more difficult to chew.

The consistency of magic truffles and magic mushrooms

Whilst there aren’t a lot of differences between magic mushrooms and magic truffles, there is a difference between the way they grow. Mushrooms grow at slightly different speeds and whilst growing there can be differences in the concentration of psilocybin and psilocin. Therefore, each magic mushroom has an individual potential and concentration of substances. Magic mushrooms reach the maximum concentration at the end of their growth cycle. In contrary to magic mushrooms, magic truffles are a lot more consistent in their concentration of substances. This makes them more predictable and easier to get the right dose.

The effects of magic truffles

The effects of magic truffles are different for everyone. Key factors influencing the effects of magic truffles are: the type of magic truffle you take, the dosage, your environment, whether your stomach is empty before taking them or not, your mood and how your body reacts to it. You can feel the effects of magic truffles 30-45 minutes after you’ve eaten them. Depending on the type and dose, a trip can last between 3 and 6 hours. During the first 3 hours, the trip is strongest. Even though the effects differ, most users say that they generally feel content, burst into fits of laughter and are more creative. Users also say experiencing light visual effects. Want to try magic truffles? Tampanensis truffles are a good option!

Getting ready for a trip

Because the effects of truffles are influenced by your mood, environment and whether your stomach is empty or not. We recommend that you only take magic truffles when you’re in a good mood, have the time for it and when you have an empty stomach. By eating magic truffles on an empty stomach, you can get the strongest effects. Furthermore, it’s good to regularly drink water during your trip. This will not influence the effects of the truffles.

Can you get hangovers from magic truffles?

After having used magic truffles, you might have a slight headache, feel tired and sometimes even depressed. These are temporary symptoms that disappear after a good night of sleep.

Buying magic truffles

Good news! In contrary to magic mushrooms, magic truffles can legally be purchased online. At Avalon Magic Plants, we sell a bunch of magic truffles and magic truffle grow kits. You can, for example, choose Sclerotia Mexicana Truffles or Atlantis Truffles
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