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What are the best herbs for relaxation?

herbs for relaxation
We are aware of the endless possibilities that the relaxing herbs of mother nature have to offer. The potential for restorting thoughts and the mind is not yet fully utilized by many people. We will tell you more about four herbs with a long history of relieving anxietyeople like to entertain themselves. On the market you can find plenty of herbs these days which make that possible. But sometimes you just want to be calm, a quiet moment of relaxation and contemplation. Especially people who suffer from chronic anxiety. Nature has many remedies for relaxing the nerves in your body. These relieve stress, tension and anxiety.

White lotus

The blue lotus is a famous herbal remedy from Ancient Egypt. This herbal is known for its analgesic, aphrodisiac properties and soothing. And there we have the white lotus. It is the lesser known nephew that deserves much more attention. When you encounter it as you walk along the Nile, or in the hot and humid regions of India and Southeast Asia, grind it and see what happens. You will experience an euphoric high that makes you feel like floating when you make a tea out of it or when you smoke it.

white lotus

You can use the white lotus for a pleasant relaxation, or for its medicinal benefits. It has been used for the gastrointestinal disorders, erectile dysfunction and the treatment of jaundice. Now you know that the white lotus also has aphrodisiac properties.


The Mulungu tree, or Erythrina Mulungu, is a large tree that grows in the tropical marshes of South America. Locals from the rainforest of Peru and Brazil take the bark of the Mulungu tree and boil it in hot water. This results in a powerful antioxidant drug that relaxes the central nervous system. The drug can cause disturbed motor skills, but claims to perform miracles for reducing tension and nervousness.

Mulungu herbs

It tastes allegedly better than you would have though expected it is from a tree bark brew. The brew improves the mood and stimulates a healthy sleep rhythm. This may be one of the strongest in terms of naturally occurring soothing substances. This may be the exotic herb you needed to relax.

Bali Kratom

When you make a combination of Bali Kratom and another substance, such as alcohol or antidepressants, you can be treated to an unique, sweetening high. After you are lulled by the pleasant, exciting finely ground herb there will be hanging a powerful buzz. Bali Kratom is often used in the treatment of diarrhea and alcoholism, because it is an antioxidant.

kratom bali

In New Zealand Bali Kratom has been used in methadone withdrawal courses to reduce the withdrawal symptoms of opiates. It works anti-inflammatory and helps the muscles relax as a painkiller. You can let it sooke for 30 till 40 minutes in hot water like a tea. You can also chew on the leaves for ten minutes. The euphoric stimuli cause an aphrodisiac effect on both men and women. Assuming that your GP does not object, Bali Kratom could offer you many useful benefits.


The Skullcap is a family member of the lip flower family. The Eastern world had been using it for a long time as a medicine. It is also growing in North America. The original Indians used it as a medicine as well. Skullcap got its name by the purple-blue petals that look like a human skull. When you grind the Skullcap finley and make a tea out of it you might produce a mild, relaxing high and range of medicinal benefits.


Skullcap has also been used to relieve menstrual cramps, to reduce anxiety and as a natural sedative. In Nepal people use it to treat the flu and insect bites.

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