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What are the effects of dream herbs?

what are the effects of dream herbs
Dreams are stories your brain tells during the day. They keep your brain alert. In general, people have multiple dreams per night. Dreaming helps you to process things you experience throughout your day. However, not everyone remembers their dreams and not every dream is a spectacular one. If this is true for you, don’t worry! With our dream herbs, you can change this.

What are dream herbs?

For centuries, dream herbs have been used in many different cultures. In these cultures, they are traditionally used as a way to communicate with (the spirits of) ancestors. Nowadays, dream herbs are well known as herbs that can be used to make your dreams more intense, to have lucid dreams and to make it easier to remember your dreams. Lucid dreaming occurs when you are aware that you are dreaming. By being aware that you are dreaming you can control the dreaming environment and basically guide your own dreams. With lucid dreaming, all obstacles of real life can be set aside. That way you can play around with extraordinary abilities, take trips to the sun and test out your craziest ideas, regardless whether you’re a superhuman in real life or not.

What about the effects?

Not everyone experiences the same effects of dream herbs. But in general, people will experience lucid dreams after taking the herbs. People also tend to remember their dreams better and have more intense dreams. Using dream herbs on a regular basis doesn’t hurt. If you didn’t experience a lot of control after using the herbs the first time, using the herbs more than once can actually help you with gaining more control. Do make sure that you always keep to the prescribed dose when taking dream herbs and always read the instructions.

What should you be aware of?

The effects of dream herbs will be strongest when you use them on an empty stomach. So, if you want your dream herbs to work the best, then it’s best to leave those late-night snacks for what they are. You should also be aware of the fact that you can hardly influence your dream beforehand. Therefore, it’s best to take dream herbs on a night that you feel relaxed, have relatively little worries and aren’t stressed.

The usage of dream herbs

The easiest way to take in dream herbs is by making a tea with them. Let them steep in water for around 5 minutes and drink the tea an hour before going to sleep. Tip: If the tea is bitter, then adding honey or sugar can make the tea taste a little bit better. Be sure to read about the right dosage before using dream herbs!

Buying dream herbs

At Avalon Magic Plants we sell a variety of dream herbs that will open up a whole new world. Examples are Kirkii (Synaptolepis Kirkii) and Uzara (Xysmalobium Undulatum).
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