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What do you use a bong for?

what do you use a bong for
bong is used for smoking marijuana and hash. The bong is a kind of shisha wich comes from the Middle-East. The shisha however is not meant for smoking marijuana and hash. The mainly difference between the shisha and the bong is the tube thickness for the smoke. You’ll notice an extra wide tube with the bong, this one is extra wide to contain the amount of smoke.


People say you’ll get much higher by smoking marijuana or hash through a bong, because with the bong you can smoke it pure without added tobacco. Pure marijuana and hash is better for your lungs, it tastes better and you aren’t developing a tobacco addiction. In addition the tobacco isn’t messing with the uplifting feeling you get from the marijuana and hash.


Why a bong?

People are using a bong instead of a joint, to get even more high. Because of the bong you can inhale much more than you could do with a joint. If the reservoir of the bong is loaded with smoke, it is easy to inhale everything at once. With a joint this is much harder because of the tobacco. The results of smoking through a bong are mostly laugh kicks and food kicks.

Buying a bong

Buying a bong doesn't have to be very expensive. You can buy a bong from $11,65 till $181,42 in our webshop. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. You can buy them with two chambers for maximum cooling or with a built-in lava lamp for an extra trippy smoking experience.

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