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What is Salvia Divinorum?

salvia divinorum
Salvia Divinorum, which literally means fortune-telling sage, is a powerful, haunting herb that belongs to the botanical family of salvia's, also known as sage. The Salvia Divinorum comes from Mexico and is used by many shamans to perform healing rituals. In the late twentieth century people knew the plant as a drug plant in the Western countries.

How to use Salvia Divinorum?

The Mazatec indians used the Salvia in two different ways namely, prolonged chewing and then swallowing the leaves, or by making a tea from the leafs and water. Nowadays people smoke the Salvia in a pipe without tobacco.


The effects

The effect of smoking Salvia Divinorum starts after one minute and usually the trip lasts less than 30 minutes. The intensity and duration of your trip may be different for everyone. Small amounts of the Salvia leaves can provide you a psychedelic experience, but they are also capable of causing a radical change of perspectives among you. An increased sense of aesthetics and sensuality are likely, along with visual hallucinations with different patterns, colors and shapes, especially when you close your eyes. Deeper insights of personal thoughts and problems, or visions, can also be caused by the use of Salvia. It’s possible to perceive different dimensions and alternative realities, or to feel the presence of other beings around you. The peaceful and pleasant after-effects of a Salvia trip can last for several hours and in some cases even days.

A larger dosage of the Salvia Divinorum leaves, or strong extracts can lead to more intense hallucinations, such as feeling like you’re floating, flying, or floating and tumbling through time and space. Heaviness, lightness or pains of the body can also be experienced during your trip. This herb can also cause a rollercoaster of emotions and the trip can cause a psychosis. You may get the need of isolate yourself from other people. Your experience is more of a personal meditation than a social event. Sound, light and other distractions can disturb the psychedelic effect you get.

Side effects

The psychedelic side effects of Salvia Divinorum are brief, with few negative consequences after your trip. It’s clear that it can be dangerous to drive or work under the influence of this substance and public use is not recommended. The spiritual and physical effects of Salvia are unpredictable, so if you want to trip, you’ll need a down-to-earth friend at your side to help you through your experience.

No cases are know of seriously health problems. We aren’t aware of seriously addictive effects or withdrawal symptoms. However, the plant can lead to the loss of coordination along with a changed perception, speech difficulties, nausea, bibberations, laughter, and reduced heart rhythm. Salvia causes uncontrolled walking or standing in larger quantities. There are people who have a hypersensitive experience, sometimes accompanied by anxiety and panic attacks.

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