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Cinnamon - Aztec incense

Each pack contains 15 grams of hand-rolled incense sticks. 

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Discover the warming power of Cinnamon incense - Aztec Incense
At the heart of the ''Ethno-Tribal Smudge Incense'' line of Banjara Aztec incense, you will find the essence of cinnamon - a spice with a rich history and deep spiritual meaning. These hand-rolled incense sticks not only bring a natural fragrance to your home or office but also embody age-old traditions and rituals. Discover the unique properties of Cinnamon incense, an aroma that was worthy of kings and still has the power to transform spaces and raise energies.

The magical history of cinnamon
Widely appreciated since ancient Egypt, cinnamon was once so rare and precious that it was given as a gift to kings. This spice, known for its passion-inducing properties and associations with lust and sexual desire, plays a crucial role in numerous aphrodisiac spells. However, the distinctive power of cinnamon lies in its energy-boosting qualities, making Cinnamon incense an excellent choice for anyone seeking a boost of energy and vitality.

Why smudging with Cinnamon incense?
Smudging, a practice as old as time itself, offers everyone the chance for cleansing and renewal. Here are four reasons to use Cinnamon incense in your smudging ritual:

Energising: Cinnamon incense is particularly effective at boosting energy, making it ideal for times when you need an energy boost.
Clearing negative energy: Like other smudge practices, burning Cinnamon incense helps clear negative energies from your environment.
Strengthening aromatherapy: The strong link between scent and memory makes Cinnamon incense a powerful tool in aromatherapy, effective against feelings of anger, fear and sadness.
Spiritual connection: The use of Cinnamon incense can strengthen the connection with the spiritual, supported by prayers, intentions or invoking spiritual guides.
How to smudge with Cinnamon incense?
The process of smudging with Cinnamon incense is both simple and profound, focusing on intention and attention:

Concentrate yourself: Start with a period of deep breathing to gather your thoughts and centre yourself.
Light and purify: Light the Cinnamon incense and blow out the flame to make it smoke. Then use a feather or your hand to spread the smoke, starting at your feet and working up to your heart and head.
Speak your intentions: As you spread the smoke, say prayers or set your intentions, and invoke spiritual guides if desired.
Take your time: Pay attention to every part of your body and space, carefully guiding the smoke around and above your head.
Enrich your rituals with Cinnamon incense
Cinnamon incense - Aztec Incense offers a unique addition to your spiritual practice, whether you are looking for energetic enrichment, emotional balance, or spiritual deepening. Let the warming and energising aroma of cinnamon guide you on a path of purification, renewal and increased vitality. Discover the power of smudging with Cinnamon incense and let any room be bathed in the rich, energy-boosting scents that kings and shamans alike have treasured throughout the ages.

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Cinnamon - Aztec incense
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