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Borneo Green - Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)


Borneo Green Vein powder is a unique Kratom powder, which has both euphoric, stimulant as well as sedative and relaxing effects. Due to the unique alkaloid profile, the powder first builds up with a energzing rush, followed by very relaxing and a bit sedative effects after a few hours.

Effects: As said a unique combination of stimulant energy and sedative relaxation.

Amounts used: 6-7 grams of Borneo Green Vein can cause strong effects, moderately taken.

Usage: This strain is used for pain relief, relaxation and to fight depression and anxiety. It could also be a useful aid for those battling opiate addiction.

Duration: Onset is somewhat slow, 30-45 minutes, but the effects do last up to 7-8 hours.

Some notes
The amounts used mentioned are the averages for a novice kratom user who weights around 100kg, but it is advisable to take a low amount first, since higher ones build up tolerance more quickly.
Amounts in general are like this

Mild Effects: < 5 grams , which is 80% of a tablespoon.
Medium/Good Effects: >5-7 grams bit more then a tablespoon.
Strong Effects: > 7-8 grams of kratom powder. One and a half tablespoon and above

Blending: Mixing or blending the various powders do result in complete different effects. Basically all powders can be mixed, but in general the Reds mix better with the whites and green. Of course this is very personal.

Borneo Green - Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)

This strain is very well suited to lift the spirits, become more communicative and, if necessary, work for hours. You have to work towards the correct dosage, because an overdose quickly leads to nausea and circulatory problems. But with the right dosage you can get through the day super.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]

(Iván Clemente)
Great kratom, quite euphoric at first, then very sedative. Take a little too much (8g+) and you will be groggy as f*** by hour 4 (if your tolerance is right, obviously). Great for lucid dreaming. The fact that it's powdered save you some time :). Overall, great quality and good price.
Evaluation: [out of 5 Stars]