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5 reasons why these sleeping herbs can change your life

sleeping herbs

The weekend is almost over and with some nice weather across Europe the past few days, chances are some of us have ventured in the nightly hours again. A small party, some drinks,  maybe even a barbecue .. It is not surprising that when Monday starts, many of us feel completely depleted of energy! But what if we tell you that having a good night's sleep is so important for our physical health and emotional well-being? Well, you probably already know. But in this article we tell you why some specific sleep and dream herbs from Avalon can actually help you change your life for the better. 

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Too little sleep makes you fat

Let’s start with something that will hit a lot of us: too little sleep is strongly linked to weight gain. And that is exactly what most of us don’t want with the summer ahead of us. Research shows that people who get too little sleep are often heavier (and therefore unhealthier) than people who do get enough sleep. In one comprehensive study, adults who did not get the necessary hours of sleep at night were 55% more likely to be obese. The effect of sleep on weight gain seems to be linked to many factors, including influence on hormones and motivation. As you know, in our health shop you will find many supplements and herbs that can help you lose weight, but perhaps an herb like valerian could be even more effective!

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Sleep makes you happier

Mood changes are one of the most obvious side effects of a lack of sleep, and many of us can tell enough stories about irritability, frustration, and even symptoms of depression when we get tired. Indeed, sleep plays an important role in our ability to regulate positive and negative emotions and in fact lowers our sensitivity to emotional stimuli. Science has shown that sleep deprivation reduces our ability to process important social signals. Together, these restrictions can make it rather difficult to be social and cheerful. So what’s a great herb that makes you sleep well and which also makes you happier? Blue lotus!

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Getting enough sleep improves your memory and performance

Do you want to perform well at work, in the bedroom or just in general while conversing with your partner? Well, good sleep is essential for your brain to function at an optimal level. A great herb that promotes both the ability to sleep and the optimization of your brain is Skullcap. Sleep actually influences everything from your ability to focus and solve problems to remembering important information. Memory consolidation - the process of moving information from our volatile short-term memory to our long-term memory - occurs while we sleep. Even if you are short of an hour of sleep, it can reduce all your performance in the same way as alcohol consumption. At the same time, sleep deprivation increases the number of mistakes we make during our work. 

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Adequate sleep improves our athletic ability

Did you think you had it all covered with some workouts and healthy food? Think again! Sleep is at least as important as these two factors. Stanford researchers investigated the effect of sleep on a group of basketball players. The study found that getting adequate amounts of sleep greatly improved the player's speed, accuracy, response time, and overall well-being. In addition, sleep deprivation has a negative influence on our metabolism and ensures that your body is less able to convert sugars into energy to get through the day. And if is that not enough? Well, we have plenty of nutritional supplements to give you a nudge in the right direction.

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Get enough sleep to keep your body healthy

It is clear that sleep is essential. But occasionally going to bed just an hour earlier can make a big difference in health. For example, getting enough sleep is essential for our immune system to fight infections. Even partial sleep loss can significantly reduce the functioning of your immune system. At the same time, it has been shown that sleeping too little and sleeping too much has a negative effect on heart health. Chronic short sleepers are 48% more likely to develop or die from heart disease. Do you often lie in bed until noon? Then that increases the chance again by 38%. If you combine a sleeping or dream herb with a relaxing herb, we are sure you can handle life like never before!