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The advantages of filter tips for joints

The advantages of filter tips for joints

The advantages of filter tips for joints

Turning an impressive joint could be difficult. In this article we’d like to tell you more about using a cardboard filter tip: the basis for the best joints. With a filter tip you’ll turn a better joint and the total smoking experience will be better. There are several reasons why you really should have a filter tip when you smoke a joint. Read more to find out what these reasons are!

Turning the perfect joint will be easier

When you use a filter tip, you will have hard structured basis material, with which you can shape the joint. This is why the joint lasts longer. Especially when you share the joint with your friends, you will lose less weed. You keep the pieces that would be lost on both side of a filterless construction. In short: joint filters provide a better ‘joint turning experience’.

You can smoke the entire joint

A filter tip provides space between your lips and the burning material. Because of this it’s easier to smoke the entire joint, without burning your fingers. Furthermore, the joint will not fall apart so quickly. As a result your precious cannabis won’t be lost. Eventually, filter tips will make the total experience, especially in company, more pleasant and a lot more hygienic.

It’s more hygienic

There’s a hard edge to the filter, which you can use to balance your lips and teeth. Therefore the joint won’t be drenched and less spit will be passed on.

They improve the air flow

A sturdy filter ensures a better air flow in the joint. Because of that, the joint burns better and generates an optimal smoke supply. Most of the high-end brands offer their long rollings and filters as a combination, which makes it a lot easier.

Take a look at all of our smoking accessories, and order our filter tips to smoke the best joints!