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African Dream Herb - One of Africa’s best kept secrets for lucid dreams


The African Dream Herb was one of the best kept secrets in Africa, where it has been used by shamans for hundreds if-not thousands of years to experience heightened consciousness while dreaming, leading to remarkably vivid and even predictive dreams. Native shamans and healers have always recognized that this herb connected them to a deeper aspect of themselves and their ancestors which are long gone, but not forgotten.

But times change, and not only residents of Africa can experience these mystical effects. In 2020, everyone can get acquainted with the African Dream Herb, which is also known as Entada Rheedii. So if you would like to deepen your dreams, learn how to have lucid dreams or how to create predictive visions, then you've come to the right place. We will take a closer look at how the herb works, how you can use it safely and what you can expect from it.

“To experience deeper and more intense dreams, native shamans would dry the seeds of the African dream herb plant and then grind them into an herbal powder. The powder is then smoked with a pipe just before going to sleep to achieve the effects.”

Where does it come from and how is it used?

The African Dream Herb comes from the seeds of the Entada rheedii tree, which is native to the South African region and other parts of the world from Australia to Asia. The advantage of the Entada rheedii tree is that it is a perennial plant, which means you only need to plant it once and harvest it for many years to come, which is great news for Avalon Magic Plants visitors who love to garden and produce their own supplements.

The African Dream Herb has shiny, dark dark brown seeds that almost make it look like chocolate. Although flat, any seed can actually grow to the size of an adult hand. The seeds are beautiful and are often worn as pendants or talismans on a chain or anklet. So it’s clear they are not only special in terms of effect, but also dream-like beautiful in appearance. 

To experience deeper and more intense dreams, native shamans would dry the seeds of the African dream herb plant and then grind them into an herbal powder. The powder is then smoked with a pipe just before going to sleep to achieve the effects. You can also consume the powder as a tea for the same effect, and in some cases the seeds are even chewed. 

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Effects of the African dream herb

You may feel a bit sleepy at first after smoking the African Dream Herb, but this will not affect your consciousness during the dream state. The seeds are perfect for helping you relax your mind and body, making it easier for you to fall asleep and enter the dream state. Have you always wanted to dream lucidly and be in complete control of your nighttime adventures? Then African Dream Herb would be perfect for that.

Many people who have consumed the herb wake up with more energy and clarity because of the restful sleep it allows. The sleep quality might improve, but you are also better at remembering the dreams you have had. Your dreams become realistic and it feels like you are experiencing them in real life. Some users say that this way of sleeping also gives you more control over your own life. Your dreams are long and vivid and people even claim they provide you with certain deep life lessons that seem to greatly benefit many users. 

But it doesn't stop there. African Dream Herb is used worldwide for many other effects. For example, in Asia, a paste made from the leaves, bark and roots is used to clean wounds and treat burns. Tea made from the whole plant is used to improve blood circulation to the brain and cure the after effects of a stroke. The bark is also used here to treat diarrhea, dysentery and parasitic infections, even though no scientific evidence is found for these effects. In Australia, the seeds are leached in water to remove toxic secondary metabolites, then cooked and consumed as a vegetable. 

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Gotten curious?

Would you also like to have deeper, more intense dreams? To dream lucidly and to be able to remember all your dreams? Then trying African Dream Herb is certainly something you should try. Check out the seeds here and our extract powder here