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Magic mushrooms: what you need to know

magic mushrooms: what you need to know
For centuries, people have used magic mushrooms to expand their minds and to get in touch with ancestors or gods. In shops such as Avalon Magic Plants, magic mushrooms are often the most popular products. In our webshop, you’ll not only find magic mushroom grow kits, which enable you to grow magic mushrooms at home, but also spore syringes, spore bottles and all the other mushroom-related accessories you might need.

Are they illegal?

In the last couple of years, rules regarding magic mushrooms have changed a lot. Nowadays, selling magic mushrooms is illegal. However, buying magic mushrooms grow kits and thus growing magic mushrooms yourself at home is still legal. Growing magic mushrooms at home is easy and safe. In our webshop, you have a great variety of magic mushroom grow kits to choose from. Each of these sets comes with a manual that explains what you need to do before you start growing your shrooms and how you should take care of them. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert mushroom grower, there is a kit for you!

Different kind of psilocybin mushrooms

There are many different kinds of magic mushrooms. Some strains come from the rainforest of the Amazon, whilst others come from Hawaii. At Avalon Magic Plants, these strains are being sold as spore syringes. You can, for example, choose one of the most famous magic mushrooms in the world: the Mexican Spore Syringe. This mushroom is great for a first-time experience. Another option is the Pes Amazonian Spore Syringe. With this syringe, you can grow massive magic mushrooms. Just as the Mexican mushrooms, Amazonian mushrooms are great for beginners. Want to start with a grow kit? Our grow kits include a spore syringe. You can, for example, choose to grow kits with strains from ThailandEcuador, and Cambodia.

Different kinds of mushroom trips

The active ingredient in every magic mushroom is the same: psilocybin. However, the exact chemical composition can differ for each strain. Therefore, some people do notice differences in the effect of different stains. Strains such as the Cambodian and B+ magic mushrooms often provide an accessible trip. The Mexican mushroom can bring you in a visionary state of consciousness, which can provide new thoughts and insights. The biggest influence on the kind of trip you will have is the dosage. For a beginner, we recommend sticking to 5 to 10 grams of magic shrooms. For some people, this will be a light trip, whilst for others, it can be pretty intense. If you feel like you can have more of the mushrooms, take a little bit more the next time. Do you want to be fully prepared before taking magic mushrooms? We got you! We also sell mushroom stoppers (bad trip stoppers). These can minimize the effects of a bad trip and make your trip pleasurable again.


Whilst selling mushrooms is illegal, you can easily grow your own mushrooms at home with a grow kit or spore syringes. You can choose from a great variety of strains when growing your own mushrooms. Each with unique characteristics and origins. At Avalon Magic Plants we have everything you need to grow your own shrooms