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Mike Tyson reveals how psychedelics got him back in shape

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Boxing-lovin’ Avalon Magic Plants readers are very well aware that none other than Iron Mike Tyson is returning to the ring once more. The former heavyweight world-champion is making his highly-anticipated return against another former charmp, Roy Jones Jr., this November. But he’s not doing it alone this time. Besides his trainers, the humbled martial artist has something else coaching him this time around as well: psychedelics. 

“Psychedelics got me in shape, it got me this. The first time I did it, it just blew my mind. Then I did it again”

The power of psychedelics

It has been 14 years since the 54-year-old Mike Tyson retired from professional boxing, but now the boxing-king is back. After spending the bulk of his retirement days away from the ring working on business projects such as his cannabis-themed Tyson Ranch, he has been seen working his ass off again in numerous social media videos, preparing himself for his bout with Roy Jones Jr. On the JRE Podcast, Mike Tyson and Joe Rogan discussed his preparation, which now involves quite an interesting element. 

During the interview, Iron Mike revealed that it was psychedelics that motivated him to get back into fighting shape. “It [psychedelics] got me in shape, it got me this,” stated Tyson. “The first time I did it, it just blew my mind. Then I did it again”, he followed up. It is no secret that psychedelics can completely change people’s lives, but it’s still something special hearing it from someone famous like Mike Tyson. 

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‘It’s like you’re reborn’

Earlier, Mike talked about how his experience with 5-MeO-DMT was one of the most extraordinary experiences he ever had. "I was just freaking out," Tyson told GQ. "I don't wanna do this no more. I want it to stop. Too late. Couldn't stop. I thought, I fucked up. Oh, shit. I fucked up. What was I trying to prove? I'm dead. I'm dead. It's over. My whole life. Boom. My life is gone. I took these fucking drugs and it killed me. There's no way I'm gonna survive this." 

But once the fear settled down, Tyson had a profound experience, watched his life as it was played back to him and met with the dead. And when he came down he was changed and felt like he had finally beaten his addictions. "It's almost like you die and you're reborn," Tyson said. "You have to look at it from my perspective," Tyson said of his toad venom experience. "I'm going into this situation thinking I've seen everything. I had done some heavy drugs. I'd done acid before. So I'm thinking, Give me that stuff. Let me check this out”, he said. And boy, did he know...

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Getting in shape

During the interview with Rogan, Tyson also went on to explain how receiving harsh criticism from people he respects has also helped motivate him to get back into fighting shape. “See, I am not like, you have to say, ‘Mike, man you can’t, this is not going to work out, you can do it,” explained Tyson. Rather, Iron Mike needs someone he respects to lash out against him with doubt: “Get your s*** back, you dumb, fat, lazy mother f****.’ That’s what motivates me. The right person needs to tell it to me.”

“Getting in shape and getting conditioned are two different animals. They don’t even belong in the same division of working out,” explains Tyson. “Getting in shape is getting able to fit in your clothes. Being in condition is being able to come outside of your soul. You can’t do that automatically. The emotional state to prepare for that is mind-boggling. Let me tell you something about [the first training video]: I did that video, and I was in bed for a week. That was 30 seconds, and I was in bed for a week. That was not funny because it made me realize that this is big boy sh*t.”

Interested in seeing Mike Tyson fight once again? Well, he sounds like he’s ready for action. “He better be ready, I’m coming full force,” Tyson warned. “If the opportunity comes (for a knock-out), I’m always looking for it. This is search and destroy, and I’m looking forward to recapturing my glory.” Tune in on 28 november!