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Research shows: Women have better sex when using marijuana

sex drive woman cannabis

Are you a sex and cannabis enthusiast? Who isn’t, right? Well, new research suggests marijuana use can boost women's sex lives. So grab your bag of weed, put some buds in the grinder and start smoking, vaping, cooking or whatever you like to do with your cannabis. By the way, did you know that vaporizing cannabis in a herbal vaporizer is much more effective than smoking a joint? But more on that in another blog, let’s get back to getting high and frisky...

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Pleasurable sex

In a study published in Sexual Health, researchers at Saint Louis University asked women to pre-compare their sexual experience with and without marijuana. Of the nearly 400 participants who participated, 68 percent described sex during marijuana as "more pleasant," 60 percent reported an "increase in sex drive", and 52 percent found an "increase in satisfying orgasms”. Those are some great numbers, wouldn’t you say?

Among the respondents, about 50 percent described themselves as "non-marijuana users”, with a general majority identifying as white and heterosexual - numbers that seem to matter pretty little, but you might be surprised ... The survey suggests an interesting solution for the more than 80 percent of women who say they cannot have an orgasm easily. In addition, it fits seamlessly with previous studies on the combination of cannabis and sexual pleasure.

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Sexual drive

An often-cited study, published in The Journal of Sex Research in 1984, found evidence that marijuana users did not have better sex than non-users. The largest similar study was published by Stanford University in October 2017, examining over 28,000 women and 22,000 men to see if marijuana use reduced their sex drive. The result was exactly the opposite: the researchers concluded that cannabis users have about 20 percent more sex than people who did not use cannabis.

If you are an avid cannabis user yourself and have also seen the level of sexual pleasure rise, unfortunately we cannot yet tell you why cannabis has such an effect on your sexual adventures. "The answer to how marijuana leads to these positive changes in sexual function is unknown," the authors of the Sexual Health Study write. "It has been postulated that it improves sexual function by simply reducing stress and anxiety. It can decrease sexual inhibitions and increase confidence and willingness to experiment," they continued. 

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Stimulate your senses!

In addition, the researchers point to marijuana's ability to stimulate our senses, increase the sense of touch, and encourage more physical closeness. In short, cannabis simply makes the whole sexual experience more enjoyable, for whatever reasons. But let’s be honest, do we really need to know why it happens? Let’s just enjoy it while we can!