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The 5 best non-addictive products

the 5 best non-addictive products
Getting up early, working or studying all day long and having to do it all over again the next day… We get it: life is not always a piece of cake. However, there is no need to worry! The following five, non-addictive, products will get you through the day and make everything a little bit better!

1. Focus & concentration capsules

Do you have a long day ahead of you? Do you need to be alert all day long? Or do you have an important exam coming up soon and you have to study through the night? Then taking an energizer is the way to go! With enough energy and focus, you’ll be able to make the right decisions and get through the day with ease. The Brain-E Happy Caps are made to improve your focus and concentration for hours. With these capsules, you’ll be able to get things done!

2. Happiness capsules

Are you done with studying or working and is it finally time to relax? Then you should try the non-addictive Special-E Happy Caps! These happiness capsules induce a mild psychotropic and physically relaxing effect. You’ll be mentally more conscious, which makes it possible to experience intensified emotions and colors. It’s the perfect non-addictive capsule to take with your friends. End the day on a high note!

3. Love drugs

Do you want to have an amazing time with your loved one? Then Damiana 10X Extract is perfect! Damiana is a non-addictive aphrodisiac that produces a euphoric high, increases vitality and provides a relaxing high. But more importantly: it’s a sexual stimulant that stimulates the senses. You’ll have a good night with your partner one for sure!

4. Hangover cures

Did you have a wild night and are you struggling to recover? There is no need for regrets: our afterparty products will make you feel a lot better. The Detox and Afterparty drink will cleanse your body internally and our After-C, After-D and After-E capsules will help you recover from drugs hangovers. Need to recover from a bad trip? Then a mushroom stopper can be the solution. You’ll be back to normal in no time!

5. Herbal tea with Coca

Coca herbal tea is the perfect pick me up! Coca tea is made with raw or dried leaves of the coca plant and is most commonly consumed in South America. The leaves of the plant contain alkaline, which is used to make cocaine. In coca, the concentration of alkaline is very small. However, the tea still has positive effects on, for example, your immune system, digestion, endurance, and energy. It’s non-addictive if you only drink a couple of cups a day.

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