What is Kanna?

what is kanna
For hundreds of years, Kanna plants have been used as a psychedelic. Kanna, also known as Sceletium Tortuosum, is a succulent that grows in South Africa. It can be found in areas where other plants often fail to survive. By being able to hold moisture for a very long time, Kanna plants can live through the driest periods of time. Nowadays, Kanna is grown in South African nurseries and can be purchased in various forms, such as powder, as a full plant, as honey, and even as tea. In addition, there are different kind of extracts and isolations of specific alkaloids (mesembrine, mesembrenone, mesembremol, and tortuosamine) available. Want to grow your own Kanna plant? Then there are also Kanna seeds on the market!

A little bit of history

The earliest written records of the use of Kanna date back to 1662. When the Dutch arrived in South Africa, the succulents were mainly known as “Kougoed” (kauwgoed), which literally means “something to chew” or “chew(able) goodies”. Over time, the plant also got the names Canna and Channa. Traditionally, Kanna plants are fermented and dried before being chewed, smoked or used as a snuff. Traditional societies of South Africa, such as the San and Khoi people, would use Kanna to alleviate pain and enhance their mood. It was mainly used by hunter-gatherers, who would travel long distances by foot. By chewing on Kanna, they could satisfy their thirst, hunger, and pain. By using Kanna, hunters were also able to reduce fear and alter their minds whilst hunting on dangerous animals.

What are the effects of Kanna?

People often describe the effects of Kanna as being similar to alcohol or even cocaine. However, when keeping to the recommended dosage, Kanna is a lot safer. Kanna hardly has any side effects, is less toxic to the liver, is not considered addictive and won’t give you a bad hangover. Kanna can be used to fight stress and depression, alleviate hunger and to relieve pain. It may also elevate mood and decrease stress, tension, and anxiety. In other words, Kanna can give you a general feeling of wellbeing.

How to use Kanna?

Kanna can be smoked. To do this, using a rough grind with fresh Kanna leaves is most enjoyable. However, you can also use a fine powder or shredded Kanna. For e-cigarettes and hybrid vaporizer models, you can use the Kanna e-liquid. Other ways of using Kanna are placing it under the tongue and holding for a prolonged period of time, chewing it (as a gum), using it as snuff or drinking Kanna as a tea. Drinking Kanna as tea is suitable to relieve pain and relax.

Buying Kanna

At Avalon Magic Plants we sell different kinds of Kanna products. You can, for example, find Kanna powders, extracts, e-liquids, full-grown plants, leaves, honey, and Kanna seeds! There is something for everyone in the webshop.