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What is rapé?

What is rapé?

What is rapé?

Rapé is a so-called snuff that is mainly used in Brazil by native Americans. Rapé exists from Mapacho, and also contains combinations of other plants. For rapé you can use a self-applicator pipe called 'Kuripe'.

How do you use rapé and what are the effects?

Rapé is a snuff, which means that you’ll get the substances through your nose. With certain rituals the rapé is blown into your nose by someone else, but if you don’t like this (or you’re alone), there are several tools that you can use to apply the rapé in the right way. For example, we offer the self-applicator pipe called Kuripe. This is a pipe in the shape of a V, which connects your mouth to your nose. It’s easier when someone else is there to help you take the rapé. but you can do it yourself as well.


The effect of rapé is a kind of intense blow to your mind, where you can suddenly feel liberated and can easily release negativity. Of course the exact effects always differ per person and per time, because the circumstances can be different.

Some additional recommendations

When you are going to use rapé for the first time, we advise to first read the insert. Because rapé does not always have the same effects, you also have to take other factors into account. Moreover, you can take other measures to ensure that your experience with rapé is as pleasant as possible.

- If your stomach is full, you may become nauseous and perhaps start vomiting. So use rapé on an empty stomach. 
- Choose a good moment to use rapé, and skip it when you have a hangover.
- If you are going to administer rapé, do not blow too hard the first two seconds.
- If rapé is being given to you, hold your breath. After you take it, you just breathe through your mouth for a moment, so that the snuff doesn’t end up in your throat (this is very unpleasant). Do not keep your head tilted backwards, because then you get the same effect. When there will be snuff in your throat, scrape your throat and spit it out.
- Your eyes may start to tear, this is quite normal.

At Avalon Magic Plants you can buy various types of rapé and pipes. Please feel free to take a look at our range or contact us.