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Kratom Resin Bali (15 grams)

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Kratom Bali resin

The effects of Kratom are often compared to opium (though milder and not as addictive), and this block of resin even looks like it. The resin can't be smoked however, it needs to be dissolved in hot water. Common dosages range between 2 and 7 grams.

This "resin" (actually a condensed paste) is produced by boiling down Kratom leaves in water until a thick, sticky substance remains.

Each piece of Kratom resin has an average weight of 15 grams. *


For first time users 2 or 3 grams is sufficient to get a satisfactory experience. Some users may wish to increase the dosage up to 5 or 7 grams.

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Kratom Resin Bali (15 grams)

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