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What are the best ways to smoke cannabis?

the best ways to smoke cannabis
Do you prefer quiet, light hoisting or do you prefer a big amount of smoke at once? It doesn’t really matter, because there are more ways to smoke cannabis. Smoking cannabis has no limitations and there are more ways to smoke it, but some methods are not as healthy as others.

1. Water pipe/bong

When you are a cannabis connoisseur who likes to take huge hits, you should use the water pipe. They come in a lot of different sizes and shapes and they also provide you from a lot of smoke with a simple lifting. The biggest advantage of the water pipe is the inhalation method. The water pipe is filled with water, which cools the smoke. It also works as a filter, because it minimizes things like resin and nicotine.

2. Glass pipe

Another excellent way to inhale cannabis it by a glass pipe. They are very easy to carry them around and also smoking with them is very easy. They tend to be a bit small, but the clouds you can make with the pipes is pretty good. Smoking cannabis with a glass pipe is an easy and quick way to get high. Therefore it is one of the best ways to smoke cannabis.

3. Apple pipe

Add some fruit to you smoking session. Say what? Yes, by adding some fruit, like an apple, to your smoking session you can add a fantastic flavor. It is a popular way to smoke cannabis and is also one of the best ways because of the lovely flavor. Making an apple pipe is also quite simple. First you grab an apple and cut a bowl at the top. You also have to create a piece where the smoke can get through. You can do this by carefully piercing the apple. Than you have to make a side opening for your mouth, dry the bowl where you place the cannabis, and your are done!

4. Vaporizer

Vaporizing is not the same thing as smoking because it doesn’t require a fire. Therefore is it better for your lungs. Generally vaporizers will heat your cannabis enough to enjoy the THC without the unnecessary smoke.

5. Joint

The joint is a popular way to smoke your cannabis and also one of the best. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to consume cannabis. Not only the rolling papers are cheap, but you won’t need much weed as well.

Do you have any questions regarding the different ways to smoke weed? Please contact us and we will answer all your questions.