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Come inside for some amazing discounts - Magic Mushrooms, Salvia AND Kratom!


Now's the time to grab some amazing discounts!

Are you ready for some great discounts, dear Avalon-members?! Well, we are sure you're going to love this! Until the 4th of October, you can benefit from an amazing 20% DISCOUNT ON OUR COMPLETE RANGE OF MAGIC MUSHROOM PRODUCTS, 25% discount on our Salvia Divinorum AND 25% discount on our Kratom! If that doesn't excite you, we don't know what will. So don't wait and start shopping right away.


Magic Mushroom Madness (20% off)

From complete grow kits to vials, syringes, prints and magic truffles - we've got it all in store with 20% off until the end of this week. So get in here, all of you shroom-lovin' psychonauts!

Salvia Super Sale (25% off)

There is no doubt Salvia Divinorum (or sage) is one of the most extreme psychedelics out there. If you want to turn it up a notch, this heavenly herb is the way to go.

Kratom Crazyness
(25% off)

Kratom is one of the favorite herbs of our Avalon customers. It has some amazing effects and there's tons of options available!

Mike Tyson reveals how psychedelics got him back in shape

Boxing-lovin' Avalon Magic Plants readers are very well aware that none other than Iron Mike Tyson is returning to the ring once more. The former heavyweight world-champion is making his highly-anticipated return against another former charmp, Roy Jones Jr., this November. But he's not doing it alone this time. Besides his trainers, the humbled martial artist has something else coaching him this time around as well: psychedelics. "Psychedelics got me in shape, it got m...

Having a psychedelic trip without taking a psychedelic? It's possible...

If you ended up here on the Avalon Magic Plants blog, chances are that you have already experienced a magical psychedelic journey. A mushroom trip, for example, an evening full of peyote fun or maybe even an intense ayahuasca session. But did you know that you might not necessarily need these specific substances to experience a trip? In fact, according to new research, it might not be these drugs, but our own brain that could be the most powerful psychedelic ever. It turns out you can...

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