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Jetpack Kratom Silver - 10 ml

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Jetpack Kratom Silver - 10 ml

Introducing Jetpack Kratom Silver, Exosphere's liquid extract that offers a pioneering way to meet Kratom accurately and easily. With a 10ml capacity and a handy pipette, this extract allows you to precisely measure out the ideal dose of Kratom, tailored to your individual taste. Jetpack Kratom Exosphere is suitable for both seasoned Kratom enthusiasts and newcomers to this fascinating botanical treasure.

With the addition of a pipette, dispensing the liquid extract becomes a convenient task, giving users complete control over their Kratom experience. Jetpack Kratom Silver offers the versatility to achieve the desired effects with precision, be it a gentle pick-me-up or a state of relaxation.

For those new to the world of Kratom: the first encounter may vary from person to person. The specific way Kratom interacts with brain receptors can result in a gradual onset of effects, with the experience becoming more profound as the body adjusts. Jetpack Kratom Silver offers an exceptional opportunity to embark on this journey, as it provides a product that is consistently reliable and of high quality.


Jetpack Kratom Exosphere liquid extract offers great versatility as it can be effortlessly mixed with various liquids, including hot water, juice or even a milkshake. This convenient feature makes it an ideal addition to your daily routine, eliminating the need for extensive preparations. This 10ml bottle is packed with 55 mg of Mitragynine per 1ml, providing the equivalent of about 5 grams of premium kratom powder. With this easy-to-measure liquid extract, you can easily experience the power of Kratom.


At the heart of the Kratom encounter lies mitragynine, the dynamic component that drives its effects. Polyethylene glycol, a carrier, contributes to the consistent and uniform distribution of mitragynine. The base of this extract is ultra-purified water, ensuring its purity and naturalness. Jetpack Kratom Silver offers a convenient and user-friendly option for those interested in exploring the various aspects of Kratom.

Whether you are an experienced enthusiast or just curious about the benefits of Kratom, this liquid extract offers reliable quality and a worry-free experience!

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Jetpack Kratom Silver - 10 ml
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